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Moving Month: Mover Highlight: Jason and Tammie Fontaine

Moving Month: Mover Highlight: Jason and Tammie Fontaine – Central Moving & Storage 


Jason and Tammie Fontaine of Central Moving & Storage (CMS), a Wheaton agent, are a brother and sister duo who have the moving and storage industry running through their veins. As fourth-generation movers (and second generation at CMS), Jason and Tammie have seen how the industry has changed over the years, and have adapted to those changes, finding opportunities for growth and innovation.  

When asked about what lessons they have adopted from their family over the many generations of movers, Jason replied, “Listen to your customers and think outside the box.” They hope to pass these lessons onto the next generation; two of Jason’s children work in the business.  

Central Moving & Storage began in 1985 servicing household and office relocations and later diversified to include the installation and storage of new hotel furniture, design and fabrication of equipment to enhance the performance of heavy rigging relocations, electronics, and the distribution of store fixtures. They have pioneered the installation of "Kids Suites" (suites specifically for children located in hotels and resorts) and have completed the installation of furniture and fixtures on two cruise ships in Italy. 

In pioneering the installation of “Kid Suites,” Central Moving & Storage connected with the charity Give Kids the World, a charity dedicated to giving kids with critical illnesses a weeklong stay in a resort getaway, and their partnership has grown over the years. Several years ago, Jason and Tammie re-did all the villas for the charity and they are planning another renovation in the coming years. Through Jason and Tammie’s dedication and efforts to this wonderful program their parent company, Wheaton, has also gotten involved in Give Kids the World. 

In noting one of the most impactful memories of their work with Give Kids the World, Jason recalled meeting and spending time with Keaton White. Jason stated, “Keaton was the inspiration for getting Keaton’s Korral going at Give Kids the World.” Keaton’s Korral offers horseback rides to the kids and is funded by The Wheaton Group and its agent’s donations.  

American Trucking Associations’ Moving and Storage is proud to have Central Moving & Storage, and Jason and Tammie Fontaine, as one of the faces of our incredible industry.