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Moving Month: Mover Highlight Brian Ferguson

Moving Month: Mover Highlight: Brian Ferguson


For over two decades, Brian Ferguson has been streamlining and innovating a better technological model for moving and storage companies to do business. From his early goal of getting the industry off paper and into the cloud, Brian has pioneered the first surveying and estimating solution on a mobile device, the first sales solution incorporating electronic signatures, and the use of digital images during the survey process.

When asked about his proudest achievement in moving the industry forward, Brian said, “It’s been the privilege of my career to build and leverage technology that fundamentally changes and improves our industry. It’s been incredible to rethink old concepts and industry norms and build disruptive technologies that value robustness, resiliency, transparency, and innovation.”

Brian started his company, IGC Software, in 1998 specifically to assist the moving industry in making its businesses more efficient by taking clunky outdated software and transforming it into an easy and navigable service. In 2011, Brian worked alongside the company ACI to develop MobileMover, the industry’s first mobile driver inventory application. In 2017, Updater acquired both IGC and ACI, forming MoveHQ – the moving and storage industry’s complete end-to-end solution to run an entire moving and storage business from the cloud.

When asked what types of innovations Brian would like to see moving forward, he replied, “We already have the tools we need. Believe it or not, we don’t need many major technological breakthroughs in our space. Instead, we need to put the pieces together and execute in a way that improves the entire moving process for the consumer because it’s not seamless yet. The consumer deserves everything from electronic transactions to shipment transparency to support with frictionless booking of additional products and services like internet or insurance. Movers deserve a world-class experience and it’s up to us in the industry to deliver it.”

Brian serves on the American Trucking Associations’ Moving & Storage Conference Board of Directors and on its Supplier Committee.

American Trucking Associations’ Moving and Storage is proud to have MoveHQ and Brian Ferguson continually innovating for the growth and success of our industry.