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MOVING with Children, Pets, Plants & Electronics

Tens of millions of Americans move every year. Some families become veterans at relocating; others may be moving for the first time. Either way, it can be easy to overlook the impact that moving to a new house in a new city will have on those closest to us: our children, pets, plants, and home electronics including flat-screen televisions and computers.

Here is some advice to help you make these transitions as smooth as possible

Moving with Children

Keep in mind that whatever the reasons behind it, moving represents a major change for everyone in the family. Fatigue and uncertainty cause emotions to run high and tempers to run short. Prior preparation will help your entire family better handle the stress that moving can create. Read more 

Moving Pets

Making the right preparations before you move can minimize stress on your pets. This can be as important as the move itself — familiar settings are disrupted as furniture gets moved and belongings packed away. Read more 

Moving Plants

First, keep in mind there are options to moving with your houseplants — consider giving them to friends, local hospitals or libraries, or sell them at a yard sale. But years of loving care can be invested into to our houseplants’ growth and maintenance, so if you do take them along, here’s some expert advice. Read more 

Moving Home Electronics

We recommend the following procedures when moving your home electronics to prevent any damage. If you take these steps before moving, your components should arrive intact. Read more