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Mover Highlight Hugo Barbosa

Mover Highlight:  Hugo Barbosa

Hugo Barbosa is a driver with Hilldrup and has been an outstanding member of their team for 2 years, with a total of 4 years in the industry. Prior to joining the Hilldrup family, Hugo owned and operated his own moving company. Recently, Hugo was recognized by Hilldrup for the countless times that he has helped Operations on servicing customers who were not originally assigned to him. He has worked diligently on his off days to help ensure that the larger team did not have any service failures. One example of this dedication was in early July 2021. Hugo finished a delivery in Virginia and planned to spend his off days with his family. Operations then asked Hugo to deliver a shipment out to a military member the next day, which would require 2 days to deliver and four trailers to off load, which would cancel any plans Hugo had with his family. Hugo accepted this request and did a phenomenal job handling his labor crew and keeping the customer satisfied. When asked what inspires him to go above and beyond in his job, Hugo replied that he loves working with people from all different backgrounds. During this busy peak season, one of the biggest challenges has been keeping labor motivated and customers happy, and Hugo enjoys rising to these challenges! We are so lucky to have such a dedicated member of our industry!