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Certified Moving Consultants (CMC) are experienced professionals who have met ATA’s education and training requirements. What does that mean for the consumer? The CMC assures the consumer that the salesperson they are working with is highly knowledgeable and experienced in the field. This experience ranges from customer service, to accurately estimating the costs of the move and explaining all available options for the move. In addition, a Certified Moving Consultant will have taken an oath to abide by ATA’s code of ethics and responsible and honorable business practices.

Code of Ethics for Certified Moving Consultants:

CMCs vow to:

  • Never willfully make or transmit any written or verbal statement meant to mislead a prospective customer about moving services offered;
  • Honor written or verbal contracts, breaching no agreement, promise or tariff provision by evasion, deliberate misinterpretation or other means;
  • Never, under any condition, grant or allow any rebate either directly, indirectly or in any way whatsoever to a potential customer or customers, where such a rebate would be in contravention of law or ethical business practices;
  • Never be a detriment to, nor take advantage of, the confidence entrusted by the consumer;
  • Refrain from defaming competitors by falsely representing or disparaging their services;
  • Comply with the letter and spirit of all deferral, state and local trade regulations and anti-trust laws;
  • Never aid or abet a violation of this code by assisting in or encouraging other violations


About the CMC Program:

The Certified Moving Consultant Program was established by the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA) in 1975. AMSA dissolved in 2020 and since then the American Trucking Associations (ATA) has become the national trade association for the moving and storage industry. ATA has worked with industry professionals to ensure our CMC program continues to establish industry-wide certifications based on high and uniform standards. In order to market themselves as CMCs, sales professionals must complete a rigorous course of study and pass an examination. Each year, CMCs are required to re-certify themselves in accordance with ATA’s recertification requirements. Once re-certified, CMCs receive a new and dated certificate. As a consumer, we encourage you to ask your salesperson to see their certificate to ensure it is current.


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