Should You Tip Moving Company Drivers?

tipping moving drivers Moving yourself can be a daunting and stressful task. If you are moving, then you are most likely feeling some stress as you try to ensure that everything falls into place the way you hope it will. You can make the moving process a lot easier, though, by reaching out to a moving company for assistance.

​The savings provided by a moving company can be seen in many ways when you consider the time and effort required, as well as the possibility of damaging your property if you do this on your own. As you consider how much it may cost to hire a moving company, you also might be asking yourself if you should tip your moving company drivers.

When considering the time and effort put forth by a moving crew, it is important to remember that these individuals are professionals who are working to provide a service as well as make an honest living. In many cases the decision to tip a mover will come down to the level of satisfaction with the service that has been provided. If all of your items made it from point A to point B unharmed, then you may want to consider tipping the crew who helped make your move a success, though tipping is not expected and is up to the customer.

If you experience a situation where items were broken, or the movers were not professional, then you will be less inclined to offer a tip since the service was below your expectations. In this case, it might be more appropriate to share your concerns with the company so they can take the necessary steps to correct the problem. On the flip side, if the movers were courteous, polite and took care of your belongings, and met or exceeded your expectations, then you may want to reward the movers for a job well done.

What’s The Right Amount?

So, if you are going to tip the movers, what is a fair tip? There are a couple of different options on the appropriate dollar amount. Again, this is at the discretion of the customer.

There are some in the industry who would say a 5 percent tip is reasonable, spread out among the number of moving crew members. There are others who would say, though, that “Percentages don’t really work as they do in restaurant work. Basically, if it’s a half-day (4 hours) move, $10 per person is considered appropriate. If it’s a full-day move (8 hours), then $20 is the consensus.”

When deciding how much to tip, take into consideration your level of satisfaction. Did the packers and movers meet or exceed your expectations? If so, be sure to reward them for their hard work. We all know the hard, physical labor that is associated with moving. It is important that we show appreciation to those that make a living doing this work, all while ensuring that our important belongings are taken care of.

Jenna Gellerson writes for Champion Moving & Storage, a Rochester, N.Y., based moving and storage company operating under Allied Van Lines that provides local and long distance moves for residential and commercial customers.