Should Exhibitors Send Material to the Advance Warehouse or the Trade Show Site?

Should Exhibitors Send Material to the Advance Warehouse or the Trade Show Site?The summer trade show season is a busy time for businesses in almost every industry. As you make your plans to send your staff off to Las Vegas, or Orlando, or anywhere in between, you’re also making plans to send your stuff.

The process of getting your booth, supplies and materials from point A to point B seems fairly simple, but it can be far more complex than you realize. Often referred to in trade show circles as ”material handling and drayage,” this highly coordinated effort that ensures the movement of your exhibit items between moving truck and your booth space involves an extraordinary amount of planning and preparation.

Most of the onus here falls on the shoulders of the organizers and decorators of the organization hosting the trade show, but you — as the exhibitor — also have responsibilities when it comes to achieving success at trade show shipping. Chief among these responsibilities is the decision to ship your trade show materials to the advance warehouse, or directly to the show site.

Ship to the Advance Warehouse, or to the Show Site?

In many cases, shipping your materials directly to the show site will lower your material handling costs because the event-hosting organization will have less hands-on time with your freight items than they would moving items from an advance warehouse. But — yeah, there’s always a “but” — there are some general benefits associated with shipping your trade show materials to the advance warehouse.

You’ll be able to set up your booth space more quickly. When you choose to ship to the advance warehouse, your materials will be ready and waiting for you as soon as your allotted time for exhibit setup begins.

You’ll be able to rest easy, and worry about one less element of trade show planning.

Exhibiting at a national or international trade show is a big feat, and if you plan to ship your materials to the advance warehouse, you can cross one more thing off your to-do list.

Shipping directly to the convention can result in unexpected challenges. In the event that there’s more than one show taking place in the convention center destination, there may be confusion regarding about which dock to offload your freight, which in turn might lead to delayed delivery.

If time permits, you should strongly consider sending your trade show materials to the advance warehouse. And a commercial moving company can move those materials for you.

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