Relocation Technology: How the Modern Moving Process Works for You

I doubt this will come as a surprise to many of you, but whether you are relocating to another town or another state, the tasks involved in the moving process are typically tedious, mundane and can be, quite frankly, a hassle. In the age of instant gratification, there is surely a better way to handle these jobs.

With modern technology at the helm, these tasks have become but a minor inconvenience, rather than the massive hurdles they once were. Let’s take a closer look at the many chores involved in the process of relocating and the modern technologies being used for a smooth transition for your move.

Picking a Date: Regardless of your final destination, choosing the right date and time for the actual move is essential to ensuring as painless a transition as possible.

Packing Up: Locating boxes and enough wrapping material and/or newspaper to protect your fragile items, as well as the physical process of packing each and every individual item, are some of the biggest groan-inducing chores in regard to moving.

Finding Storage: Choosing a convenient and reliable storage facility, if necessary, is an essential, if sometimes overwhelming, step in relocating – especially when downsizing.

Hauling Your Things: Securing a heavy-duty vehicle to transport your belongings, especially when traveling a long distance, is another integral part of the relocation process.

Though many of the necessary steps noted above are involved and intricate processes on their own, they are each fundamental in the overall success or deficiency of the move itself. To increase the chances of an effortless move, many have begun to rely much more heavily on apps and software that have been designed for just such purposes. Now that we have covered the initial needs of those facing a move, here are some of the apps and programs that can assist with the individual processes involved in relocating.

Apps & Software

Property Sites: Many websites, such as Zillow and Trulia, among others, advertise a simplified and secure method of finding the right home, whether you are in the market to buy or rent. Many times, these online realtor companies are a faster and more reliable way of procuring the best potential home for your needs. Avoid sites such as Craigslist and social media postings to reduce the possibility of being a victim of a housing scam.

Management Apps: Keeping organized is essential to ensuring a successful move. There are many apps that have been developed with the sole intention of aiding in the organization of tasks and chores involved in relocating. Apps such as Sortly and Wunderlist offer the ability to schedule reminders, set deadlines and create to-do lists, among many other exciting and helpful features.

Full-Service Companies: Many may choose to opt out of being overly involved in the moving process at all. For those who are busy or simply wish to take advantage of a hassle-less transition, there are many full-service moving companies that offer a wide range of options to assist in the client’s move. Some features that may be offered by full-service moving companies such as Suddath, Unpakt and Moved include assistance from planning the move to packing and unpacking, and even storage services. With Suddath, the client can follow their belongings throughout the entire moving process from their phone with the company’s innovative Tracker software. This has been a particularly advantageous feature for long distance and international moves where the customers belongings may be loaded and unloaded multiple times throughout the move.

Donating & Downsizing: Moving is a great time to take stock of your possessions and get rid of items, articles of clothing, and other things that have not been in use or which are no longer needed. Apps and sites such as ThredUp and LetGo offer those looking to decrease their possessions the ability to sell and/or donate many items on their integrative platforms.

Repairs and Professional Work: Once your belongings have been sorted and packed, there may still be issues with the home itself to address. Getting quotes on one repair, alone, can be a grueling process. Thankfully, many can now turn to apps like Thumbtack and TaskRabbit to send videos and images and receive instant quotes, schedule appointments, and manage their repairs and/or even hire someone else to initiate those processes.

Food: Regardless of where you live, where you are moving, and how you go about getting from point A to point B, the fact remains, all must eat. When you have already packed your dishes, utensils, cookware and any food products, you may find yourself facing the rest of you move on a grumbling, empty stomach. Others have found themselves in similar situations and there are definitely apps to combat this drawback. From Postmates to GrubHub, procuring food during an intense move has never been simpler or more convenient. No longer are we confined to ordering pizza. These apps open up the options to include your favorite restaurants as well as fast food facilities, and are even a great way to get to know your new neighborhood!

Kim Harington is a Content Writer for Suddath in Jacksonville, Fla. Suddath is a local and international moving, global logistics and workplace solution provider operating in over 150 countries worldwide.