Military to Start Booking Shipments

March 27, 2015

SDDC has indicated they plan to allow Personal Property Shipping Offices (PPSO) to start booking peak season moves on Friday, March 27, for shipments scheduled with a pickup date after May 15. Please note that unlike the past four years, CARRIERS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO REFUSE THESE SHIPMENTS.

SDDC announced earlier this month that the practice of allowing Transportation Service Providers (TSP) to refuse shipments during peak season would be changed this summer, to encourage TSPs to use the blackout tools instead of reviewing shipment offers to see which ones they are capable of handling. Effective immediately, the penalty for refusing a shipment is a 21 day suspension.

TSPs are urged to carefully monitor their capacity and use the DPS blackout capability to block out dates and locations where they are unable to handle shipments. TSPs should plan carefully and be proactive in placing blackouts before their capacity is fully exhausted, as shipment offers can come in quickly and overwhelm a TSP who is already near capacity.

Local agents are strongly encouraged to communicate their capability to their carriers to assist the carriers in knowing when they will need to apply blackouts. All TSPs should take time to carefully prepare for peak season and review the SDDC’s detailed peak season advisory, which is posted on the agency’s website.

AMSA has written to SDDC Commander MG Susan Davidson and others, objecting to the peak season refusal policy changes. We remain hopeful that SDDC will reverse course and allow the refusal process to work as successfully as it has in past summers. Unless and until the decision is reversed however, TSPs must be prepared to accept shipments or enter blackout dates, when the shipments start being offered tomorrow.

AMSA continues to communicate regularly with SDDC, and we will hold weekly calls throughout peak season. Please keep us informed about issues you experience with the military during the summer so we can ensure the SDDC is aware of problems.


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