Logistics of Moving Into a Mansion

mansion move With colossal living spaces to fill, modern-day mansions (and their ever-expansive floor plans) can be intimidating to first-time luxury homeowners and real-estate experts alike. The more extravagant the home, the more complex the logistics of moving will become.

A simple renovation project to a small bungalow is minor; a simple renovation project to a mammoth abode is an all-consuming venture. Moving into a small bungalow has the potential to be effortless; moving into a mansion does not.

Along with a hefty price tag, luxury homes come with a caveat: everything, including the execution and expenses of moving, will be more complicated. Because of this, luxury homeowners must make the choice, early on, to turn over the logistics to the professionals.

Behind the scenes of every great real estate deal has existed a team of specialists—from the broker, to the builder, to the movers themselves. Moving into mansions is their expertise, and their skill is a testament to the perseverance and motivation required to address the most minor details of the most massive projects.

With politicians, celebrities and other high-profile homeowners making real estate deals on a daily basis, the world of “luxury moving” continues to expand.  Homeowners, with a lack of time and a surplus of space, rely on the professionals to ease their transitions in moving—sparing no expense.

California Governor Jerry Brown, a fixture in the West Coast political scene, recently moved into a centuries-old mansion once inhabited by Ronald Reagan, among 13 other governors. The move, which was announced in October 2015, did not take place until December, and even then was described as “ongoing.” The sprawling Sacramento residence, built in 1877, required multiple renovations, reportedly totaling over $4 million.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is also no stranger to high-profile real estate deals. The famed politician is something of a real estate ingénue, with at least 14 luxury properties to his name. In July 2015, he purchased a $26 million townhouse in London, complete with a view of the River Thames. Though Bloomberg may not call London home for more than a few weeks each year, his home in the British capital is nothing short of immaculate.

Both politicians have faced obstacles in their multiple moves. Brown, who in his first run as governor opted for apartment living, has been faced with renovation delays, further convoluted by an abundance of space. Likewise, Bloomberg has invested (mere) millions in the renovations of his many homes—from Colorado to Bermuda to New York City.

What do all luxury moves have in common?

Time, and often not having enough of it.

With an overwhelming number of details to consider in the purchase of the mansion itself, it is easy to lose sight of the luxurious contents that will eventually adorn its floors and walls. These large-scale moves can often result in upwards of 16,000 lbs. of “stuff”—from furniture to artwork to everything in between. Over the course of a successful business career, one accumulates—and accumulates, and accumulates. Between each move, the number of belongings—and the responsibility for them—seemingly multiplies.

Bill Gates, with a net worth of more than $80 billion, designed his mansion to be seemingly absent of logistics. With 24 bathrooms, sand imported from the Caribbean, six kitchens, and a 2,100 square foot library, the statistics read more like a fictional dream world than a tangible, livable home.

Though the details of Gates’ home might seem unbelievable, his story, in today’s real estate community, is not unique. More than ever, prominent figures are designing—and moving into—homes that match their larger-than-life business goals.

As mansions grow larger and larger, so too do the logistics of moving into them. Movers experienced in luxury moves are necessary to dot all of the I’s and cross all of the T’s—ensuring smooth transitions
​for all.

Moving can be a headache, but it doesn’t have to be. Whether you’re moving into that small bungalow or creating a towering habitat, the experience calls for a little help from the pros.

Jessica Bridges is with Gulf Moving in San Benito, Texas. Head to GulfMoving.com for a free local, long-distance, residential or commercial moving quote.​