Government Traffic Committee

This committee is responsible for recommending to the Board AMSA policy regarding government traffic issues, and providing guidance to the Government Traffic Advisory Council and the Government Claims Advisory Council.


Steven McKenna
Vice President, Pricing & Contracts


Vice Chair

Michael Gonzalez
Vice President
Denali Group

Committee Members

David A. Arpin
President and CEO
Arpin Group, Inc.
Bob Ewing
Sr. Director, Gov’t Business
Atlas Van Lines
Drew Rosen
Vice President
Merchant’s Moving & Storage
Donnie Arpin
Coastal Moving & Storage
Lakelan Fennell
Vice President
Nilson Van & Storage
Pam Stanley
Executive Director
North Carolina Movers Association
Charles Bailey
Cornerstone Moving & Storage
Sue Fuchtman
Morrison M. Stevens, Sr.
Chairman and CEO
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
Maureen Beal
Chairman and CEO
National Van Lines
Mike Grimes
Director of Gov’t Svs
Planes Companies
Elmer Storck
Agency Development Mgr.
Carlyle Van Lines
Lesli Bertoli
VP & General Manager
Allied Van Lines
Jack Griffin
President and COO
Atlas Van Lines
Dorothy Timma
Vice President
Craig Carver
Director, Gov’t Services
Graebel Van Lines
Art Groux
Vice President
Hi-Line Moving Services
Don Queeney
Vice President
Hampton Roads Moving & Storage
Jeff Coleman
President and CEO
Coleman Worldwide Moving
Tim Helenthal
President and COO
National Van Lines
Greg Wakefield
AAA Moving
Bert Collins
Agent & Military Relations
COVAN World-Wide Moving
Henry J. Hicks
American International Movers
Tim Wiley
V.P., Gov’t Svs & Industry Affairs
Wheaton | Bekins
C. J. Dabo
DOD / DP3 Program Mgr.
Interstate Worldwide Relocation
Mark K. Johnson
President and CEO
Johnson Storage & Moving Co.
Peggy Wilken
V.P., Government Traffic
Stevens Worldwide Van Lines
Wes Davis
Vice President
Omni Moving & Storage
Patrick Johnson
V.P., Government Affairs
National Van Lines
Rick Wozniak
V.P., Military Transport
Bekins A-1 Movers
Chris DiJulio
Lincoln Moving & Storage
Scott Kelly
President, Government Services
Matt Dolan
Chief Operating Officer
Justin Moyer
Director, Government & Corporate Services
Gary Dootson
Manager, Quality Control
Suddath Gov’t Services
John Potts
All American Relocation

Ex Officio

Scott Michael, AMSA