AMSA Proposed Legislation Included in Final NDAA Bill


On Monday evening, congressional leaders unveiled the compromise NDAA language for 2020. Over the past year, AMSA has tirelessly advocated on behalf of all our members, lobbying for proposals that ensured information about the new program was appropriately studied and finding solutions guaranteeing that industry voices are heard as the new program develops.

The compromise language requires three separate reports. The first is a Business Case Analysis to be completed by U.S. TRANSCOM reviewing the proposed award of a global household goods contract. The second is a report to be completed by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) that studies the effects of outsourcing on the Armed Forces and their families, a cost-benefit analysis and any recommendations for changes to the strategy. And lastly, a final report which was not initially included in either the House or Senate proposals that is now required on the implementation of the Personal Property Program Improvement Action Plan developed by the Personnel Relocation/Household Goods Movement Cross-Functional Team.

More importantly, AMSA guaranteed that movers who do DoD work will have a direct line to the Secretary of Defense in the future. The Secretary of Defense is tasked with establishing a Military Relocation Advisory Committee that consists of USTC, military services, transportation service providers and consumer representatives.

The Secretary of Defense will also ensure the group convenes regularly to provide the Secretary with feedback regarding relocation services and other issues. In addition, the Secretary will also guarantee that quarterly reports are provided to Congressional Defense Committees.

As this program evolves and continues to provide quality service, having a direct line to the Secretary of Defense will make certain that our voices are being heard and the industry’s concerns are competently managed. Our industry is made up of many small businesses who move our service men and women, and we are pleased that through the NDAA we were able to ensure this top-level access with DoD for providers of all sizes.

Please contact Katie McMichael with any questions.