Certified Moving Consultant

After more than 35 years, the Certified Moving Consultant (CMC) credential has come to represent a fundamental competency and adherence to ethical conduct of the sales force for the household goods moving and storage industry. Consumers can be confident they are dealing with a knowledgeable sales consultant who is committed to providing excellent and fair service when they see the CMC logo.

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The Program

The Certified Moving Consultant (CMC) program is specifically designed for sales personnel in the household goods moving industry. Upon successfully completing the certification program and passing the examination, the Certified Moving Consultant can download and print a certificate of completion to display in his or her office. CMCs also have the ability to distribute Certified Moving Consultant brochures to customers and his or her name is added to the Moving.org website where consumers can quickly verify the qualifications of the sales consultant they are about to hire. CMCs pay a $150 annual renewal fee to maintain CMC status and receive complimentary copies of Direction magazine AMSA’s e-newsletter, AMSA Today.

The Process

When you are ready to purchase the CMC program, click here. Once you have purchased the program, you will be sent two emails and you must have a unique email address in your profile. The first email is your purchase confirmation and the second email will have the link you need to direct you into the AMSA eLearning system. You will not need to log on again to access AMSA eLearning; your log-in membership will carry you through. Once you access the program, you will need to work your way through each section and take the study questions at the end before moving on to the next section. Questions about the program may be directed to MaryScott Tuck at (703) 706-4985.

Eligibility Requirements

Individuals involved directly or indirectly in the sales and marketing of moving and storage services anywhere in the world are eligible to apply. Both domestic and international applicants are welcome, but only AMSA members in good standing are eligible to apply.

The Manual

The certification manual currently has nine sections covering a variety of topics each sales consultant must be familiar with in order to provide competent sales and marketing services to the public. The sections are as follows:

Section 1 — Industry History and Ethics
Section 2 — Staying Legal
Section 3 — Estimating
Section 4 — Selling the Essentials
Section 5 – The Move
Section 6 — Industry Accounting
Section 7 — Introduction to Claims
Section 8 — Glossary

The Testing Process

Once you have completed the seven study sections of the CMC program, you will be asked to agree to the testing agreement and the CMC Code of Ethics. By agreeing to these terms, you will be given access to the CMC test. The test consists of 50 questions that are true/false and multiple choice. When you have completed the test, you will know your score immediately and be able to print your certificate. In the unlikely event that you do not pass, you will be given one additional opportunity to take the CMC exam.

For more information on the CMC program, please contact MaryScott Tuck.

CMC Seals Available for Purchase

The CMC seals are a great way for your customers to know the ethics that you represent and the additional training you achieved. Distinguish yourself from the competition, and improve your sales. Order Now