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Military 400NG Cloud

Accurately calculate the total cost of individual shipments and associated services for all military domestic personal property moves (except Hawaii) with AMSA's new 400NG software. Developed for the Defense Department's DP3 program, the 400NG tariff is the essential guide for movers handling military DP3 shipments. Subscription to AMSA's online cloud version gives you full access to the 400NG rating software from anywhere with internet access across the country. No downloads or yearly updates needed. Just log in and use the 400NG rating tool whenever you need it! You can register now for your renewal to the 400NG cloud for the low price of $149 per user, annually. Billing period for annual subscription is January 1 to December 31, orders will not be prorated.

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Packing & Loading Techniques for Containerized Moves Video

AMSA is proud to add our newest product to the lineup of available training assets. This half-hour video is presented in three sections: Packing, Wrapping and Inventorying; Preparing the Container; and Loading the Container. It includes everything you need to train your team to correctly prepare and load containerized shipments that, due to the driver shortage, are becoming a larger share of your business mix. Your company will benefit from well-packed containers, reduced claims and cost savings!

This video is packed with information on materials, packing techniques, preparing inventories, tagging, wrapping, container preparation, density, building tiers, and labeling. An annual subscription provides ongoing access to this valuable resource.

Disclaimer: All rights reserved. This video or parts thereof may not be reproduced in any form, stored in any retrieval system, or transmitted in any form by any means-electronic, mechanical or otherwise-outside your immediate office location without prior written permission of AMSA.

For bulk license requests, write to AMSA at Bulk License Request.

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