Committee Meetings

Please note: All committee meetings, except for the AMSA Executive Committee meeting, are open to all attendees.

Communications Advisory Committee

The Communications Advisory Committee (CAC) is comprised of marketing and communications experts from member companies. The committee advises AMSA on industry communications and public relations programs and initiatives. During the meeting, attendees will brainstorm ideas to enhance AMSA’s 100th anniversary conference in 2019; how members and AMSA can better promote the ProMover program; and committee goals for the coming year.

40 Below Committee

40Below is a networking group for AMSA members who are under the age of 40. We exist to help one another grow within our careers and give voice to the future leaders of this industry. The goals of the group include education through mentoring and webinars, supporting the community through charitable events, and innovation through group led discussion of industry challenges at AMSA events.

Education Committee

The Education Committee helps determine the educational needs of all levels of membership as identified through assessments and surveys as well as identifies or develops resources and delivery modalities to address those needs. The committee also assesses current educational offerings and partnerships and monitors the ongoing effectiveness of all educational activities. Finally, the committee makes recommendations on the best delivery systems, including training manuals, virtual learning, instructor-led events, and AMSA’s annual conference.

Moving & Storage Institute (MSI) Board Meeting

The MSI is organized and operated exclusively for charitable, educational and scientific purposes. Those include developing research, discussions and exchanges of information to support a better understanding of the transportation and warehousing of household goods, and to make this information available to government officials and the general public. The MSI also: supports individuals in the industry, allowing them to increase their knowledge of best practices and methods; supports and develops educational materials, and conducts educational activities; and awards scholarships annually to benefit the families of individuals in the industry and those who pursue a career in an area of business that will have an impact on the field of household goods moving and storage.

Safety Management Committee

This committee’s primary focus is on safety-related regulatory and legislative issues that affect the moving and storage industry. The committee consists of mainly safety and operations leaders from member companies, but all are welcome to attend and participate. For this meeting, attendees will discuss current regulations and enforcement of the electronic logging device (ELD) along with the use of personal conveyance and hours-of-service (HOS) to ensure vehicle and personnel safety. The committee will also talk about possible changes to the annual SVO and Fleet Safety Awards.

Driver Committee

The Driver Committee focuses on the retention of existing van operators, resources for independent contractors and members, and attracting new drivers to the moving industry. The committee will discuss the pending California independent contractor classifications, what driver apps should be added to, other materials to be added to, and the best methods for delivering information to drivers and owner-operators.

Supplier Committee

The primary focus of the committee is to evaluate and support supplier member recruitment and retention efforts. Additionally, the committee plays an integral role in the review of conference-related policies affecting supplier members. The committee will review highlights from the 2018 exhibitor/sponsor conference survey and provide suggestions and feedback for improvement of the 2019 annual conference. In addition, the sponsorship, exhibitor and advertising opportunities for the 2019 annual conference will be revealed at the committee meeting.

Independent & Small Movers Committee

The committee’s goals are to help develop your business through education and networking and provide the independent and small movers a voice within AMSA. This meeting is open to all attendees.

ProMover Brand Oversight Committee

The ProMover Brand Oversight Committee (PBOC) focuses on setting the membership standards and criteria for AMSA membership, as well as protecting the ProMover and AMSA brands. During this meeting, PBOC will review the results of the 2018 annual membership review, the current status of illegal usage of AMSA logos on the internet, and the change to ProMover certification standards, requiring all new ProMover’s to have a BBB rating of “B” or higher, starting Sept. 1, 2018.

Government Affairs Committee

This committee considers a broad range of current regulatory and legislative issues impacting the moving and storage industry. For this meeting, committee members will receive an update on the AMSA-backed Moving Americans’ Protection Act, which is legislation designed to protect your customers’ data privacy and your business’ reputation. They will be briefed on the status of the Household Goods Working Group recommendations to streamline industry paperwork requirements. The committee will also discuss the California Supreme Court ruling in Dynamex, which threatens to further expose the industry to litigation and hamper business operations, plus an update on current state advocacy strategy, while charting a course for federal preemption efforts via legislation on Capitol Hill. Finally, the Committee will discuss additional items such as expanded “personal conveyance” guidance from the FMCSA, expanded truck-only tolling initiatives in certain states, and other AMSA priorities.

Legal Advisory Council

This committee serves in an advisory capacity to the AMSA Board of Directors on current and emerging litigation affecting our industry as well as regulatory issues and legislative developments. For this meeting, members will review the California Supreme Court ruling in Dynamex, which threatens to further expose companies to litigation and impede the industry’s ability to operate effectively. The council will review state and federal strategies to preserve the independent contractor model for our industry. Finally, the council will discuss recent regulatory changes such as landmark guidance from the FMCSA on “personal conveyance” utilization, upcoming regulatory streamlining recommendations from the Household Goods working group, and more.

Government Traffic Committee

This committee discusses issues concerning the Department of Defense Personal Property Program (DP3) and the impact on the moving and storage industry. For this meeting, attendees will get an update on the status of the US TRANSCOM Executive Working Group as well as the progress of the development of the MyMove system. In addition, they will discuss a Peak Season review, upcoming limited Open Season for the northern tier area, and an update on Base Access/Real ID issues.

Board Meeting

The AMSA Board of Directors meets at the end of the event and receives reports from each of the committees about their activity. The board is responsible for establishing the policies of the association.