Checklist for Moving Day on Capitol Hill

Dress appropriately: wear business attire when meeting with your elected officials.
Don’t forget to wear your I Movers pin!
Wear comfortable shoes: you will be walking across the grounds of the Capitol, roughly a 5-block walk, perhaps a few times during your day, so please wear comfortable but business appropriate shoes.
Plan carefully: be clear about what it is you want to achieve. AMSA has developed briefing papers and fact sheets (customized to your state) to help you focus your message. Please mix these talking points with your own stories and personal examples.
Make sure you have an appointment: if you do not have a confirmed appointment with your elected officials, please contact Katie McMichael at (703) 706-4971.
Be prompt and patient.
Be prepared: bring the AMSA materials with you to your meeting and identify the key issue(s) to discuss with the congressional office.
Be concise: make your points clearly and quickly; be considerate of their time.
All politics is local: whenever possible, demonstrate the connection between what you are requesting and the interests of the member’s constituency. Members of Congress want to represent the best interests of their district or state.
Be responsive: be prepared to answer questions or provide additional information.
Meeting with staff: often instead of meeting with your Member of Congress, you’ll meet with their staff. Treat their staff with the same respect you would your Member of Congress, since they are the gatekeeper for information that the member receives. Their staff is essential in building a relationship with your representative and senators.