Member Discounts

WEX Fleet One


Over the Road – AMSA Fleet Discount cards are accepted at over 6,600 Fleet One truck stops nationwide, including over 1,400 AMSA discount & rebate truck stops.

Local – AMSA Fleet Discount cards are accepted at over 50,000 Fleet One fuel and maintenance locations nationwide, including over 22,000 AMSA rebate locations.

Act now and save an additional 10 cents per gallon at thousands of participating AMSA/Fleet One Local & OTR locations for 3 months*.

Use the AMSA Fleet Discount card and put members-only benefits to work for you today! The AMSA Fleet Discount card was designed exclusively for AMSA members to secure significant savings on essential products you use every day.  From fuel to tires to maintenance services, AMSA’s Fleet Discount card puts money back in your pocket with every use. Based on your needs, choose from either the “AMSA Fleet Discount OTR” card or the “AMSA Fleet Discount LOCAL” card.

AMSA Fleet Discount card benefits include:

  • OTR program – Low transaction fees for fuel and maintenance, and AMSA fuel discounts and rebates off the cash price at over 1,400 trucks stops, and growing.
  • Local program – No transaction fees for fuel and maintenance, and AMSA fuel rebates at over 22,000 fueling locations
  • Improved cash flow
  • Nationwide fueling at over 6,600 truck stops and over 50,000 fuel and maintenance locations.
  • Online reporting.
  • Security, convenience and control over fuel and maintenance purchases.
  • Hassle-free payment.
  • Cash and check services.

To apply, call (866) 353-8577 and tell them you’re an AMSA member to speak with an AMSA program specialist.

Fleet One, LLC provides fuel cards and fleet management solutions to businesses and government agencies, as well as the merchants that serve them. Our customers use Fleet One fuel cards at convenience stores, truck stops and maintenance merchants across the country to capture purchasing data and pay for fuel and fleet maintenance on cars, vans and trucks of all classes and sizes. Fleet One solutions offers the following additional services: private label fuel card programs, real-time reporting, tax-exempt billing, vehicle tracking tools, electronic payment authorizations, billing and financial settlement. Fleet One is a division of Fleet One Holdings LLC, a portfolio company of LLR Partners and FTV Capital.

* Inquire for details.