Grassroots Advocacy

One of the most important ways that AMSA members can advocate for the moving and storage industry is through direct contact with their members of Congress. The AMSA Grassroots Advocacy Center is a one-stop shop where our members can take action on legislation or regulations impacting their businesses and our industry, get up-to-date news and information on advocacy issues, and share information with AMSA’s Government Affairs team so we can better represent our industry’s interests. Click here to get started!

Legislative Priorities

Each year, the AMSA Government Affairs Committee identify the most important legislative and regulatory issues facing our industry. This priority list guides the AMSA Government Affairs team as they lobby in Congress and executive branch agencies needed to affect this change. This vital process serves as our core mission at AMSA; to make your companies safer, more efficient, and profitable. In 2018, AMSA will be pursuing: Hours-of-service regulatory reform for movers, clear and appropriate labor standards for our industry, streamlining existing consumer disclosure requirements, protection of your customer’s data privacy during international moves, enhanced enforcement of registration requirements on new entrants and industry disruptors, restoration of favorable tax provisions that incentivize consumers to hire us, and more.
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AMPAC — AMSA’s Political Action Committee

The American Moving & Storage PAC (AMPAC) is the industry’s only political action committee, created to generate support for and raise awareness of federal issues affecting the moving and storage industry. AMPAC’s sole mission is to magnify our voice to federal legislators. With backing from AMSA member companies across the country, AMPAC supports federal political candidates who fight for our trade. Through annual events large and small – such as the Pinewood Derby or intimate receptions with key federal lawmakers – AMPAC identifies Members of Congress who want to: enact Hours-of-Service reform, reduce regulatory red tape movers deal with, ensure new entrants into our space play by the same set of rules, improve military base access, enhance federal enforcement against scam movers, and much more.
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The federal government is an important customer of the moving and storage industry, representing about one quarter of all interstate moves handled by professional movers each year. The vast majority are managed by the Department of Defense, as military service members and their families may be relocated every few years to a new duty station domestically or abroad. Civilian government employee relocations, including for the Department of State, are managed by the General Services Administration (GSA).
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