AMSA Applauds House Effort to Modernize Infrastructure

Moving Industry Urges Congress to Maintain Momentum and Focus on Saving the Highway Trust Fund


July 25, 2018

ALEXANDRIA, VA — The American Moving & Storage industry applauds House Transportation and Infrastructure Chair Bill Shuster and his staff for their work on and release of draft legislation to save the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). This discussion draft represents a necessary effort to reinvigorate the national conversation toward a sustainable American infrastructure system.

“Nearly one-quarter of all public spending on our nation’s roads come from the Highway Trust Fund. Yet since 2008, the fund’s revenue has failed to collect enough in fuel taxes and other sources to meet our surface transportation needs,” said President and CEO Scott Michael. “Acknowledging that a safe and efficient road system – the transportation of goods and people – is the cornerstone of a strong economy, Congress must act to prevent the Highway Trust Fund from going insolvent.”

Since 2008, Congress has transferred a staggering $143 billion of general tax revenues to the fund, with $70 billion in 2016 alone. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) estimates the HTF will go insolvent, again, by 2020. With a projected shortfall of $160 billion by 2028 and a national population heading to 400 million, this problem will severely worsen without drastic action.

“Chairman Shuster’s proposal, as will any honest effort to tackle this problem, faces a tough road in Congress. But the proposed reforms and mechanisms included in this discussion draft will hopefully spark a series of negotiations that get us across the finish line,” said Vice President of Government Affairs Paul Milotte. “The American Moving & Storage Association is an adamant opponent of enhanced tolling as the primary means of reducing the shortfall, so we applaud the chairman for identifying a short and long-term effort to secure a sustainable funding source that is fair and fiscally responsible.”

Milotte added, “Moving and storage companies are vital, if not irreplaceable, users of the American surface transportation system. We move families and all they own across the country to start a new job. We move businesses as they relocate or expand. We move the men and women of our nation’s military, along with State Department and other security-sensitive American personnel, across the country and globe. Most importantly, our businesses bring their belongings and memories home. At every stage of this process, we need surface infrastructure to be safe and reliable. Our drivers’ lives depend on it. Our customers’ livelihoods and the economy they create depend on it.”


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