American Moving & Storage Association Comments on CBS News Story about Moving Company “Hostage Loads”

May 12, 2015

Scott Michael, president and CEO of the American Moving & Storage Association, responds to the CBS News story, “Moving? How to protect against “hostage load.”

“Millions of Americans move every year and the vast majority of professional moves end with happy customers. According to data from the National Consumer Complaint Database, complaints about household goods moves fell almost 10 percent in 2014 from 2013 while complaints about “hostage loads” fell almost 15 percent.

Still, any time someone has a bad experience with a mover is one time too many. It’s important to note that often times these “moving companies” are nothing of the kind, and are in fact unlicensed, uninsured criminals who work outside the law.

It’s important to do research before you begin so you know who you’re dealing with. The American Moving & Storage Association offers the ProMover program so that consumers can find certified movers who meet strong standards for safety and professionalism. Consumers can find a certified ProMover, and plan their move from start to finish, at

The American Moving & Storage Association is pleased to support the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration in their consumer education campaign. The actions of the professional moving industry to promote high ethical standards among movers are working, as the government data shows. Consumers should know that hiring a professional mover is a smart decision that saves them time and effort, while providing the best protection for their possessions.”

The American Moving & Storage Association represents professional movers and serves as the home of the ProMover certification program. For more information


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