5 Things Your Professional Mover Won’t Move

The entire moving process can feel like one big headache-inducing blur. All of the planning, packing, and ensuring everything is in order for the big day can leave you feeling restless and stressed. To ensure your move is a seamless one, you want to avoid packing items that will make your transition a difficult one. Here’s a list of things you should refrain from packing.

Leave the Grub Behind

A majority of moving companies will advise again packing and moving food to avoid any unwanted surprises, like attracting mice or pests to your sweet-smelling cuisine. Perishables and frozen items, such as produce or meat, should also stay behind so you or your loved ones are safe from contracting a foodborne illness. Rather than throw good food away, try contacting a local shelter or food pantry and donating the food to those who need it.

Hazardous Chemicals or Materials

Avoid packing any items that are toxic or flammable, such as fuel, chemicals, or propane tanks. For liability purposes, moving companies will abstain from transporting dangerous materials. If there is anything you’re unsure about, simply contact your moving company and request a copy of their prohibited items list. You’ll find that many movers also shy away from moving firearms, meaning you’ll be responsible for bringing any guns or similar equipment you own to your new home.

Valuables and Cash

If you plan on moving family heirlooms, valuable jewelry, money, securities, antiques or any other valuables, it’s best to take the transportation of those items into your own hands. Although reputable movers carry the appropriate insurance coverage, you can save yourself the time and headache of trying to replace lost or damaged items by packing these items separately.

Flowers and Plants

You’ll typically find plants and flowers on a moving company’s prohibited items list due to the fact that many states carry their own set of rules and regulations surrounding plants and flowers. If you’re moving across state lines or passing through multiple states, this could leave your moving company in a bind should they be required to stop for an inspection.

Additionally, plants are sensitive to light and temperature changes, and placing them in a dark truck for an extended period of time will leave them wilted and dried up. So, what do you do if you have flowers or plants that you refuse to part ways with? You can either transport them to the new home yourself or contact your moving company to see if they’re able to move your particular plants.

Furry Four-Legged Friends

Even if it’s a pet snake, never place your animals in the back of a moving van. Not only will most moving companies refuse to transport living animals, but it can be hazardous to the safety of your pet, who could fall ill or even get hurt during the move. When you’re taking a car or plane to your new destination, you should take on the responsibility of handling your pet to ensure they arrive at your new home happy and healthy. Additionally, you should reach out to your veterinarian to discuss best practices for transporting your pet so their trip is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Follow these tips for your next move, to ensure you make it as simple as can be and less stressful. Not everything should be packed when you decide to make your move. Moving to a new area is hard enough, so don’t add more difficulty as you prepare for your new home & new future!

Brandon Morris has lived in the Dallas/Fort Worth area his entire life where he owns North Dallas Moving and Storage, an AMSA ProMover member.