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State Moving Resources

Although moves from one state to another are covered by federal regulations, many states also regulate moves within their borders. Please contact the following state moving associations for questions about moves within each state.

You may also find a local ProMover in the states of California, Florida and Michigan.


State Moving Associations:

* = denotes AMSA member

Alabama Trucking Association
Mr. Tim Frazier
(334) 834-3983

*Alaska Movers Association 
Mr. Michael Gonzalez
(800) 476-5737

*California Moving & Storage Association
Mr. Steve Weitekamp
(562) 865-2900

*Canadian Association of Movers 
Mr. Paul Leader

*Florida Movers & Warehousemen's Association
Mr. Corey Mathews

*Georgia Movers Association, Inc.
Mr. Lee Lemke
(478) 737-5563

*Illinois Movers' & Warehousemen's Association
Ms. Patricia McLaughlin

*Indiana Household Movers & Warehousemen's Association
Ms. Linda Harris

*International Association of Movers
Mr. Terry Head

*Iowa Moving & Warehousing Association
Ms. Brenda Neville

Kansas Motor Carriers Association & Movers Conference
Mr. Tom Whitaker

*Kentucky Household Goods Carriers Association, Inc.
Mr. Ryan S Flota

Long Island Moving & Storage Association, Inc.
Mr. Ray Schumack

*Maryland Movers Conference
Mr. Louis Campion

*Massachusetts Movers Association 
Ms. Anne Lynch

*Michigan Movers Association 
Mr. Donnelly K. Eurich


*Minnesota Transport Services Association
Mr. Howard S. Markus

*Missouri Movers Association 
Mr. Bill Yanek

Nebraska Trucking Association/Movers Div.
Mr. Larry Johnson
(402) 476-8504

*New Jersey Warehousemen & Movers Association
Mr. Robert Russo

*New Mexico Movers & Warehousemen's Association
Ms. Sharon Cissell

*New York State Movers & Warehousemen's Association
Mr. William Whalen

*North Carolina Movers Association 
Ms. Pam Stanley

*Ohio Association of Movers, Inc. 
Mr. Larry Davis

Oregon Moving & Storage Association
Mr. Scott Edwards

*PAIMA (Pan American International Movers Association)
Ms. Sherry Williams

*Pennsylvania Moving & Storage Associates
Mr. Jack McGrath

*South Carolina Movers Conference
Mr. Rick Todd

*Southwest Movers Association 
Mr. John D. Esparza

Texas: see Southwest Movers Association

*Virginia Movers & Warehousemen's Association
Mr. Roger Moody

*Washington Movers Conference 
Mr. James R. Tutton, Jr.

Wisconsin Movers Association 
Ms. Cherie Houser
(608)833-8200 (11)